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So this is a mock battle showing you how you can use these sheets to make combat run a little smoother and faster. This is not your sheets, so don’t fret if it doesn’t compare to what Joey sent you. This is strictly for demonstration purposes only.

A snake comes up and wants to attack you. Everyone feels that they’re not going to be able to get away and decides to engage it into combat. Everyone participating in the fight has to roll their Join Battle.

Combat and Quick Sheets JoinBattle

Joey will take care of the order.
The order in this case is as follows: Longhsot, Reaper, Sera, Jett, Tyberius and the snake will roll on the same turn as Tyberius.
Longshot goes first but Reaper is next and should go ahead and decide what she wants to do as well as roll her attack roll.
Since everyone was caught off guard he didn’t have his weapon drawn. He looks to see how long that will take.

Combat and Quick Sheets WeaponDraw

His weapon draw speed is a Free Action so he draws his most common ranged weapon and since he can fire on the same turn, he decides to do that. He looks to see how fast he can attack with his weapon, as well as what he’s rolling to see if he can hit it.

Combat and Quick Sheets RangeAttack

The number before Ranged Attack is how fast the attack is, and everything after it is how much he’s rolling. Remember, anything in parenthesis is auto successes.
To do his ranged attack it is a Speed of 4 and he is rolling 12 dice and has 2 auto successes.
While Longshot is doing this, Reaper decides to attack it as well. She checks to see how fast she can draw her most common weapon and see’s that it has a speed of 2. Well she decides she is going to do that and rolls her attack roll for when it comes up. She sees that she is rolling 9 dice with 2 auto successes. (Everyone should be taking this step)
Longshot rolls his 12 dice and decides to do a stunt. The GM decides that it was cool enough to earn him 1 extra success. He had gotten 8 successes from his roll. 8 successes from his roll + 2 auto successes + 1 success from his stunt earned him a total of 11 successes. The GM compares that with the Snake’s DV and tells Longshot that he has hit the snake with a threshold of 2.

Longshot moves to the damage phase. He looks at his Ranged Damage section.

Combat and Quick Sheets RangeDamage

He notices that it’s threshold + 9 with 4 auto successes. So he will roll 11 because 9 + threshold, which was 2, equals 11. He gets 5 successes from rolling and then adds the 4 auto successes bringing his damage roll up to 9. The GM looks at the soak of the snake and compares it with the damage. The GM then tells Longshot that the snake took some damage and has a hole in his body from where the bullet traveled into it.
Longshot decides not to do anything else and it moves to Reaper’s turn. At this point, Longshot will plan out his next move for when it comes back to him.

It’s Reaper’s turn and she has says she will draw her weapon. So that moves her down to a later spot and then it will be Reaper and Sera acting on the same turn. We let Sera go first, however, since now they're acting on the same turn they’re acting simultaneously. Sera had already decided ahead of time what she was doing and says she will wait 1 to draw her weapon because that is what her draw speed is.

Joey moves Sera and it is now Reaper’s turn. She had already rolled her attack roll ahead of time and decides to stunt using the hole that is now in the snake from Longshot. The GM decides it was a cool stunt and awards her 2 bonus successes from the stunt. Reaper had already rolled 9 successes and added her 2 auto successes but now she gets to add 2 more successes from the stunt bringing her successes to 13.

The GM compares that to the DV that the snake now has (remember damage reduces your DV as well as performing an action) and tells Reaper that she hit the snake with a threshold of 5. Reaper then moves to her damage phase.
She does damage and then it moves on to Sera again. While Sera is finishing her turn Reaper is figuring out what she wants to do again for her turn. She decided to attack it and already rolled to hit it as well. She also manages to stunt on it and gets 2 bonus successes from it. She then adds that to her successes and manages to hit it. She moves on to her damage phase and does damage to it.

Assuming everyone does this, it is now the snake’s turn. The snake decides to attack Longshot. The GM rolls his attack and tells Longshot how many successes the snake gets. Longshot compares that to his DV.

Combat and Quick Sheets DefenseValue

He notices that the snake barely hits him but still does. So the GM rolls damage for the snake and tells Longshot the Snake did 6 points of Lethal damage to him. Longshot, the player, must subtract his soak from the damage he received so he looks to see how much Soak he has.

Combat and Quick Sheets Soak

Longshot has 1 Lethal soak so he subtracts 1 from the damage and Longshot takes 5 points of actual damage to his life.
This continues until the enemy or all of the players are dead.

I hope this helps you all get a feel of battle. If you have any questions, concerns or problems, feel free to let me know and I will get back to you all ASAP.


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