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A wise mortal. The guide can offer useful advice about several aspects of mortal life (ability specialties, the conduct of war, finances, etc.). Such guides might be knowledgeable in certain areas relating to the gods - the mystic practices of their worshipers, unconfirmed accounts of titan spawn, and so forth - though they rarely have first hand experience with Scions or their divine parents. In fact, many guides at this level have no idea of how or why a deity would select them to mentor their children.

• • A very wise and/or powerful mortal. The guide is either an extremely knowledgeable mortal - the world's most famous expert in his or her chosen field, for example - or one who wields wide influence. The more power guides possess, the less time they have to guide their charges. A guide at this level could also be on of the rare individuals who is aware of the struggle between the gods and the titans. Such guides often have direct experience with other Scions or Titan spawn.

• • • An experienced Scion. The guide can offer considerable insight into all things semi-divine. She might know other Scions from several pantheons, or even a few gods. Many have experience fighting various strains of Titan-spawn. Unfortunately, Scions mentoring Scions can sometimes resemble the blind leading the blind. Even experienced Scions sometimes misunderstand the inscrutable intrigues of their parents. Another drawback to having a Scion for a mentor is that she is often involved with her own heroic band, leaving her less time to guide her pupil.

• • • • A legendary being. The guide could conceivably be any sort of creature or being. Many Kami and Loa serve in this capacity, as do the numerous nature spirits that crop up in Greek and Norse legend. Although they aren't outright gods, such creatures are particularly attuned to the workings of divinity. These guides often have considerable experience with Titan-spawn, and might even have a rudimentary knowledge of the Titans themselves. Such creatures typically have limited knowledge of the mortal world, however. Sirens know lots about sailors, for instance, but their knowledge of cars and stock exchanges is limited.

• • • • • A minor god or goddess. The guide possesses considerable first hand knowledge of the over-world, the underworld, and destinations in between, though he is often preoccupied with his divine duties. Some gods are notoriously cryptic or find it difficult to communicate with mortals. Such deities confound (inadvertently or otherwise) as often as they guide.


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