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Post  kaser on Sun May 15, 2011 10:27 pm

• Access to one Purviewe.

• • Access to two Purviews.

• • • Access to three Purviews.

• • • • Access to four Purviews.

• • • • • Access to five Purviews.

The other things Relics can do for you are as follows:

If used on a weapon can upgrade damage, accuracy, or range. One in any one of the categories by one point per dot. For example:
• Increase accuracy by one; or increase damage by one; or increase range by one.
• • Increase accuracy by two; or increase damage by two; or increase range by two; or increase accuracy by one and any of the other ones by one.
• • • Increase any one of those weapon stats by three; or increase all three by one; or increase one by two and one by one.
• • • • Same as above just more points to increase the stats.
• • • • • Same as above just more points to increase the weapon stats.

Use can also spend three points to increase an Attribute by one while wielding the birthright. For example:
• • • Increase Dexterity by one while using this birthright.

Also if you spend all 5 points in a birthright, you can use this to enhance your epic attribute by one. For example:
• • • • • Increase epic dexterity by one while wielding the birthright.
But you don't get a free knack with this upgrade, Only the extra successes and benefits.

Also you can spend dots to increase abilities. It is a one for one. Even if you have 5 points into an ability you can increase it past 5 using a birthright. It just gives you extra dice.


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