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Post  kaser on Sun May 15, 2011 10:33 pm

• The creature is small, weak, somewhat fragile or perhaps entirely incorporeal - a weak nekomata, a monkey, a scarab, an owl or a raven, for example. Such creatures are useful for warning their owners of dangers and providing some limited reconnaissance, but little else.

• • The creature is sa somewhat larger or more powerful mundane beast - tigers, wolves, boars, large birds of prey. Weak entities can also be included here - a serpopard, Stymphalian bird, or various and sundry nature spirits would fall into this category.

• • • The creature is a beast of modest power, such as a golem, coatl or a pegasusu.

• • • • The creature is a more powerful one, such as the Taureau-Trois-Graines or a valkyrie horse.

• • • • • The creature is a unique beast of legend (such as Gullinbursti) or a particularly dangerous monster such as a kirin, a roc or a basilisk.


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