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This Ability governs a person’s skill at surviving in a hostile environment with minimal assistance. She knows how to find food and shelter, cope with the elements and treat her injuries using local resources. Some characters gain this Ability via specialized training, whether through the military or as members of a wildlife service or zoological organization. Others become adept at Survival by virtue of growing up in a wilderness environment or spending years hiking and exploring in such regions.

Characters use Survival to live off the land in wilderness surroundings, to track people and animals in the wild or to stay alive when stranded in hostile terrain.

Trait Effects: A character with Survival 1 has enough experience to survive in the wild for a couple of days with minimal equipment. A character with Survival 3 can spend as much as a month in the wilderness with little more than a compass and a sturdy knife on which to rely. A character with Survival 5 is a wilderness expert, more at home in the wild than in civilization. She can walk into the wilderness empty-handed and survive for as long as she needs to.


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