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Post  Admin on Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:52 pm

Stealth governs a person’s skill and experience at avoiding detection. This Ability is about more than just walking softly. It’s possible to remain unseen in broad daylight or in a crowded room simply by knowing how to blend in with one’s surroundings and not attract notice.

Characters use Stealth to sneak past guards, monsters and the occasional landlord.

Trait Effects: A character with Stealth 1 is careful and quiet, and can generally avoid notice unless someone is actively looking for her. A character with Stealth 3 knows how to blend in so well with her surroundings that guards can pass within arm’s reach and not notice her. A character with Stealth 5 is like a ghost. In the right conditions, she can practically vanish in front of a person’s eyes.


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