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Post  Admin on Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:54 pm

Presence is a person’s ability to use her charm and appearance to sway the opinions of others. She can be an inspiring figure of courage and determination, spurring those around her to greater efforts, or she can instill fear and loathing in her enemies, driving them before her. People often cultivate this Ability as performers, orators or entertainers, but some use it to inspire the faithful or keep their minions under their thumb.

Characters use Presence when they want to terrify their foes, motivate their allies or give hope and courage to the downtrodden

Trait Effects: A character with Presence 1 is capable of turning heads and capturing people’s attention with her force of personality and physical magnetism. A character with Presence 3 is a magnetic figure. Her demeanor speaks volumes to the people around her. A character with Presence 5 is a spellbinding orator and a towering physical presence. When she speaks, the whole World seems to stop and take notice.


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