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This is a broad-based Ability that governs a person’s familiarity with the supernatural, from the practice of magic to legends about Gods, ghosts and monsters. Some people learn Occult through the stories of their grandparents or the folk tales of their people. Others pursue the subject out of morbid fascination or pure curiosity, poring over library resources and surfing Internet sites in pursuit of arcane secrets.

Characters use Occult to identify magical objects or rites, to research ways to deal with ghosts or monsters, or to find information necessary to infiltrate the closed circle of a Titan cult.

Trait Effects: A character with Occult 1 is familiar with the basic elements of her area of study. She knows basic magic rituals or can identify the different types of ghostly phenomena, etc. A character with Occult 3 is a serious student of the supernatural. She has deep knowledge of the supernatural and likely possesses a considerable library of sources she can draw upon. A character with Occult 5 is an acknowledged expert in esoteric study. She is knowledgeable about the most arcane aspects of her subject and likely has a vast library of information to draw upon when needed.


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