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Medicine governs the myriad skills necessary to diagnose and treat human illness and injury. Some people come by this Ability by absorbing folk knowledge and remedies passed down through generations of healers and midwives. Others spend years in medical school and emerge with a white coat and many years of loans to repay.

Characters use Medicine to diagnose illness and injury and to treat them. It can also be sued to determine the cause of a person’s death or to identify the properties of medicines and pharmaceuticals.

Trait Effects: A character with Medicine 1 has a basic understanding of first aid. She likely knows CPR and can treat minor injuries. A character with Medicine 3 is a skilled practitioner, possibly a general practitioner or a resident at a local hospital who is familiar with treating serious illnesses and major injuries. A character with Medicine 5 is a world-renowned doctor or surgeon, capable of performing the most difficult and demanding medical procedures.


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