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Post  Admin on Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:07 pm

Holding fast to one’s principles in the face of deceptions, threats – even torture – is the stuff of which heroes are made. This Ability governs a person’s capability to resist the mental and physical manipulations of others and not be swayed by trick, temptations or peril – be it as mundane as a slick care salesman’s pitch or as dire as a Titan cultist’s skinning knife. Integrity keeps a person from selling out herself or her friends to her enemies.

Characters use Integrity to resist deception, persuasion or manipulation or to keep from breaking under interrogation or torture.

Trait Effects: A character with Integrity 1 has courage and strong convictions, and is able to recognize and resist most attempts at manipulating her. A character with Integrity 3 has an unshakable faith and a willingness to suffer for her beliefs. A character with Integrity 5 has the stuff of martyrs in her. She would rather die than compromise her principles.


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