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Craft is the Ability to make and repair useful objects, from chairs to clothing to car engines. Most people learn these skills in a kind of apprenticeship, starting at a job doing small tasks and working their way up as their aptitude increases. Some people learn their trade as part of a family business. Others begin with a hobby that becomes a full-time pursuit. Most of these trades require and extensive set of tools and workshop in which to operate, but some craftspeople get by with just a box of tools and whatever flat surface is handy.

Characters use Craft when building or repairing objects or equipment.

Specialty: This Ability requires the character to specialize in a particular kind of craft, such as carpentry, blacksmithing, electronics, automotive, etc. This Ability can be purchased multiple times to represent experience in different types of craftsmanship, but each rating is independent.

Trait Effects: A character with Craft 1 is good with her hands and has a basic understanding of her trade. With the right tools and enough time, she can turn out well-made, useful items. A character with Craft 3 is a highly skilled, experienced craftsperson, capable of making high-quality objects quickly or improvising repairs with whatever resources are available. A character with Craft 5 can do wonders with her hands and a simple set of tools. She can build objects from improvised materials and whip a total wreck into working order with a paper clip and a roll of duct tape.


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