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This Ability governs driving, piloting or riding any and all types of transportation, from horses to cars to helicopters. In the modern day, most forms of transportation (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.) are common and relatively easy to obtain, and most people have some basic familiarity with their use. Control doesn’t cover mundane tasks such as driving to the corner market, however. This Ability represents the skill and training to put a vehicle through its paces and perform maneuvers under difficult or desperate situations.

Characters use Control when they are in a high-speed chase in the middle of rush hour, when they want to show off at the local half-pipe or when they want to fly a helicopter through the open decks of a parking garage.

Specialty: This Ability requires the character to specialize in a given type of vehicle, such as cars, motorcycles, planes, riding animals, etc. This Ability may be purchased more than once to represent experience in a variety of vehicle types, but each rating is independent.

Trait Effects: A character with Control 1 has steady hands and sharp reflexes and could be a decent street racer if she chose. A character with Control 3 has ice water in her veins and could be a professional racer or stunt driver. A character with Control 5 can do things with her ride that other drivers fear to contemplate, much less attempt.


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