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Post  Admin on Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:17 pm

This Ability governs all types of hand-to-hand combat, from boxing to Kung Fu to no-holds-barred street fighting. A character can pick up this Ability from a wide variety of sources. Maybe she was a martial arts student for years. Maybe she learned some techniques in the military. Maybe she simply learned how to use her fists on the rough streets where she grew up.

Characters use Brawl when they fight using their hands and feet (and knees, elbows, teeth, etc.).

Trait Effects: A character with Brawl 1 knows how to fight. She’s skilled enough to hold her own on a Friday night at the local roadhouse. A character with Brawl 3 is a skilled and dangerous fighter. She’s knocked out her share of tough guys and has the scarred knuckles to prove it. A character with Brawl 5 is a master martial artist or champion Ultimate Fighter. Most of her opponents never know what hit them.


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