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Post  Admin on Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:18 pm

Most people are reasonably alert and aware of their surroundings, but those with the Awareness Ability have honed their powers of observation to an exceptional degree. Constant alertness might be a part of their profession, as it is with a police detective or a bodyguard, or it might be a matter of survival, as it is with a soldier or gang leader.

Characters use Awareness when they are searching a room or observing a person and looking for telltale clues about his intentions. It’s also used to detect hidden enemies or to foil sneak attacks.

Trait Effects: A character with Awareness 1 is fairly alert at all times. She can notice simple clues and uncover poorly hidden objects most of the time. A character with Awareness 3 is sharply observant. She has an eye for telling details and is constantly aware of potential dangers in her environment. A character with Awareness 5 is almost supernaturally alert. Her senses are sharpened to such a keen edge that almost nothing escapes her notice.


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