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Post  Admin on Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:20 pm

Producing-or performing-works of art demands both imagination and skill. It requires both the spark of creativity and hard-won technique to carve a sculpture, write a song or deliver a moving soliloquy. This Ability represents the physical skill required to create or perform works of art and entertainment. By the same token, this Ability can also be used to gauge the merit of a work of art and critique it objectively.

Characters use Art to sculpt, to compose or perform music, to act or to write.

Specialty: This Ability requires the character to specialize in a given artistic field, such as painting, sculpture, music, et cetera. This Ability can be selected multiple times to represent experience in a variety of artistic pursuits, but each rating is independent.

Trait Effect: A character with Art 1 has a basic understanding of her craft. She has reached the stage when she can produce polished, effective work most of the time. A character with Art 3 is an experienced and capable artist. She is familiar with all of the tricks of the trade and can produce work that is much valued and admired. A character with Art 5 is an icon in her chosen field. Her work is the standard against which all others are measured.


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