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Anubis (Ymepu, Anupu)
Description: Anubis, judge of the Underworld and weigher of the souls of the dead, has the body of a Nubian man and the head ofajackal-though he reveals it only rarely these days. His enemies insist his soul is that of ajackal, too, but most who meet him consider him an urbane and sophisticated, with a dark but pleasing sense of humor. In legend, he is the patron of embalmers and all who work with the dead. He sat with his scales in the Hall of Two Truths in the Egyptian Underworld.
Anubis used to live as an undertaker, a judge, a lawyer, ajeweler and a
bodyguard as the mood of the day struck him. None of his clients ever died while under his protection, though few lasted long after his angiy departures.
The Scions of Anubis are similarly dedicated, and similarly fickle. Excellent judges of character like their father, these Scions frequently maintain an intense loyalty to other Scions and Bands they deem worthy. However, if disappointed or disillusioned by the actions of their compatriots, Anubis’s Scions will often abandon or even turn on their comrades if unable to convince them of the injustice of their recent activities.
Associated Powers: Epic Perception, Animal (Jackal), Death, Guardian, Heku, Justice
Abilities: Animal Ken, Empathy, Integrity, Medicine, Melee, Occult
Rivals: Set, Baron Samedi, Hermes, Izanami, Tezcatlipoca, Vidar

Atum-Re (Rn, Atum, Aten, Tem-Ra)
Description: In Egyptian legend, Atum-Re was the universe’s creator, the sun God who rode across the sky in the sun barque, dispensing blessings on everyone. God of magic and allpowerful, nothing in Creation could harm him until Isis conned him out of his true name. After that, he was only as powerful as the other Gods. Atum-Re remains bitter, though he pretends to be above the Pesedjet’s disputes. Other deities mock him for his aloof nature, manicured hands and cautious face.
Today, Atum-Re puts on a tall, slender male form, with long fingers, dark complexion and closely curled hair. He is mature without being elderly, and affects several personas, ranging from a dealer in Middle Eastern antiquities to a diplomat to a mosque imam to an executive from a solar energy co-operative. People remember him as a distinguished fellow, thoughtful and deliberate in all conversations, with great force of personality.
Atum-Re’s Scions are also deliberate and thoughtful. They are strong without being overly strong, and they are observers of the natural world. Few things that are out of place ever escape their notice.
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Epic Perception, Animal (Falcon), Heku, Sun
Abilities: Academics, Art, Fortitude, Investigation, Politics, Presence
Rivals: Horns, Isis, Athena, Erzulie, Freyr, Huitzilopochtli, Susano-o

Bastet (Bast)
Description: Queen of Cats, with a feline grace, Bastet is a Goddess of prophecy-though she’s no pawn or puppet of Fate. Cat-headed, with skin the color of chocolate, covered with fine fur, Bastet has green eyes with vertical slits common to cats. What her chosen animals see, she also sees. Thoth made her keeper of his Book, a magical work that controls such powerful forces as time-space and life-death-rebirth, so that he could not undo the universe accidentally. Using it, Bastet keeps mortals I realms of mortal time. Her Scions help to keep such secrets from mortal, divinity and Titan alike.
In the modern day, Bastet appears as a slender woman with rounded hips and a graceful manner. She has been a belly dancer and the madam of a brothel, the hostess of salons and a spy in Paris. She even took on a role as a geisha in Japan, as part of a special exchange program among Gods many years ago. Of the Pesedjet she is most open to new experiences.
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Dexterity, epic Perception, Epic Wits, Animal (Cat), Heku, Moon, Prophecy, Sun, Justice
Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Larceny, Stealth, Survival
Rivals: Isis, Frigg, Hera, Ogoun, Raiden, Tlazolteotl

Geb (Keb, Qeb, Seb)
Description: Geb is God of the earth, “son of Tefenet and Shu who have gone into dust” as the
Pesedjet say. Once married to Nut, Titan of night, he constantly seeks dark-faced women with stars in their eyes. Geb has dark hair and skin the color of rich soil, and his brown
eyes hold gentleness and ancient knowledge. Father of Osiris and Set, he is second of the Pesedjet after Atum-Re. Forever separated from Nut, he gazes up at night with
perceptible longing.
In modern times, Geb has played many roles: environmentally responsible agronomist, friendly stockist at health food stores, organic egg farmer, obsessed
astronomer and champion bird breeder. Appearing to be between his late 20s and mid30s, he rarely seems as old as his children. With only some moisture, he can plant
gardens anywhere.
Geb’s Scions are equally green-thumbed. They often live in oases of beauty and fair prospects hidden away on city rooftops, on ledges of arid mountains or in deep
ravines in the desert.
Associated Powers: Animal (Goose), Earth, Fertility, Heku, Justice
Abilities: Art (Gardening), Command, Empathy, Fortitude, Politics, Science
Rivals: Sobek, Damballa, Dionysus, Hel, Izanagi, Quetzalcoatl

Horus (Heru, Nekheny)
Description: Son of Osiris and Isis, the God Horus is one of the youngest of the Pesedjet. Falcon- headed with skin the color of coffee, Horns is the most conservative of the Egyptian
Gods. He likes to reminisce about his incarnation among mortals as a pharaoh of ancient Egypt, and he regularly visits the Cairo Museum to gaze on the objects buried with
Tutankhamun. “Second-rate stuff,” he is heard to scoff, and he can lecture endlessly on the glories of his countly until people fall asleep.
That said, he is an implacable enemy and a great force for justice. In modem
times, he often affects the appearance of a fair-skinned, athletic young man with an eye
patch (in all forms, Horus is missing his left eye thanks to a battle with Set). He has been
a uniformed police officer, a detective on the night beat, a marshal transporting prisoners,
a judge on the bench, an agent with Interpol and a Canadian Mountie. Like the Mounties,
he always gets his man-usually destroying his quany in the process.
Horus’s Scions are similarly dedicated and driven. Commonly pursuing careers in law enforcement, they often cross the line between law and vengeance, to the dismay of their superiors. In leadership roles, they emphasize their perks at the expense of their duties. They always have a fondness for fine and beautiful things and tend to prefer gold to silver.
Associated Powers: Epic Strength, animal (Falcon), Heku, Justice, Moon, Sun
Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, command, Melee, Politics
Rivals: Set, Hachiinan, Kalfu, Loki, Tialoc, Zeus

Isis (Aset)
Description: Brave and cunning, dark-haired and narrow-faced, with small breasts and narrow
waist, Isis is a Goddess of magic and guardian of families. She once set a snake on AtumRe to weaken him and force him to share power with the Pesedjet by revealing his name. She also refrained from completely restoring her husband, Osiris, to life, in order to bring her son Horus into the Pesedjet. Isis is a manipulator of feelings and thoughts, turning
everything to her advantage first, her immediate pantheon second, all the Gods third and the created order fourth. Everything and everyone else comes distinctly last.
In modern times, Isis takes on many roles and cannot be easily defmed. She
chooses her places in mortal life with an eye to being at the right place at the right time, rather than in a specific career or persona. As a housemaid or a matriarch, she is always in the proper place to do the most good, as she sees it. Unlike other healing Gods, she uses her powers only after she has won favorable concessions to her projects.
Few of Isis’s own Scions are so relentlessly mercenary, partly by Isis’s design. She prefers thoughtful but biddable Scions who can be used to support her plans and then switched off until needed again.
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, epic Manipulation, Fertility, Guardian, Health, Heku, Magic,
Abilities: Academics, Integrity, Investigation, Occult, Politics, Presence
Rivals: Thoth, Amaterasu, Hermes, 0dm, Ogoun, Quetzalcoatl

Osiris (Wesir, Sepa, Serapis)
Description: Osiris is a tall, long-limbed gentleman, not old but not young. He has curly black hair, dark green skin (less obvious when he walks secretly among mortals but a tint of
green still exists), green eyes, and prefers linen suits to jeans or wool. In legend, he was the king of Egypt until his brother murdered him and hacked him apart. His wife Isis
brought him back to life, but Set had already destroyed his genitals. Since eunuchs
couldn’t be kings, power passed to his son Horns, and Osiris was appointed king of the dead instead. When dealing with Scions and deities, he is forthright about his intentions to manipulate emotions and plans, but people love3 helping him because he appears so good and wise. It’s not until after he’s left that you realize how much stupidity one has agreed to, and just how deeply in debt to him one really is.
Osiris has had something like 7,000 years to get over his anger and get used to
ruling a realm of dead spirits. He has done his best to make them comfortable and relies upon their labor and assistance to make life pleasant in whatever part of reality or the
Overworld he happens to inhabit currently. He comes across as a wealthy businessman or obscure European nobility, with ore money in the bank than even Gods normally have3.
Osiris acts as a talent scout for the Pesedjet these days, chatting up newly awakened Scions over delicious meals in Paris or Kuala Lumpur and binding them more to the Gods’ cause.
Osiris’s Scions are not born in the same way as the other offspring of the Gods.
They travel different roads, and Osiris can pick and choose. This gives them considerably more leeway in how they act, for they bring their mortal selves more fully into his realm and are less likely to be his pure creatures than he might like.
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Animal (Centipede, Rain), Death, Earth, Heku, Fertility, Justice
Abilities: Awareness, Command, Fortitude, Investigation, Politics, Presence
Rivals: Horns, Set, Hades, Hel, Izanami, Kalfu, Miclantecuhtli

Ptah (Petah)
Description: Ptah invariably appears as a bald-headed man with overly long anus and legs, a
small pot-belly and laugh lines around his eyes, mouth and forehead. Gifted, clever and playful, he is the Egyptian God of artisans and artistry-work in stone, wood and cloth.
Most of all, he is a God of wonderful toys: puzzle boxes, models, dolls, and games. The God brings such crafts to life and constantly seeks new techniques among mortals.
In modem life, Ptah has been a wonderful game designer, a cryptologist of
uncanny abilities, a master carpenter, a thoughtful sculptor and an ingenious architect.
People recall him as giddy with excitement as his designs become reality. Ptah is not just a toy designer though. His tools and weapons are equally useful.
Ptah’s Scions are similarly motivated and excited by the sheer joy of creation. They tend to be imaginative and playful, while exuding an aura of competence and skill. The combination makes them dangerous when threatened.
Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Fire, Heku, Psychopomp
Abilities: Art, Craft, Investigation, Larceny, Science, Thrown
Rivals: Horns, Balder, Dionysus, Raiden, Shango, Xipe Totec

Set (Seth, Sutekh)
Description: Lord of the salawa (a relative of the dog) and keeper of the house of disease, Set is
t) malignant and treacherous brother of Osiris. Where his brother is good and generous, pt is evil and grasping. What Osiris gives, salawa-headed Set takes away. Other Gods
rarely trust him, since he murdered his brother and loves to stir up trouble. Yet, as guardian of the desert boundaries of the World, he keeps the Titans out.
To modern eyes, Set has played a tough Marine commando, a border patrol agent, an executioner and a professional torturer. Wherever he goes, he appears as a
weasely foreigner (Americans see him as an Arab; Arabs see him as an American) with
an exceptionally long nose and oddly squared ears. People remember him with distaste and note his rapid changes of mood and temper.
Set’s Scions are equally emotional. They have been rock-throwing political activists, military types engaged in atrocity and bag men for criminal and political organizations. Few Gods like Set’s offspring much, but they do not turn up their noses at any task or duty that the pantheon might need, as long as the price is right.
Associated Powers: Epic Manipulation, Epic Strength, Animal (Salawa), Chaos, Guardian, Heku, Sky, War
Abilities: Brawl, Command, Control, Melee, Presence, Survival
Rivals: Horns, Isis, Osiris, Athena, Erzulie, Quetzalcoatl, Sif, Susano-o, Tyr

Sobek (Suchos)
Description: Sobek, lord of crocodiles, is a God of ameliorated evil. Crocodiles were feared in ancient Egypt, but they were also regarded as an extension of the Nile’s abundance and fertility. As such, crocodile-headed Sobek, with greenish scales instead of skin, acts in the World as a lessener of others’ evil deeds. He also acts as the Pesedjet’s expeditor. While he rarely gets things done himself, he is able to travel among the Gods and between the worlds to bring about positive and necessary changes in the least possible time.
In modern times, Sobek is remembered most for his perfect hair and toothy grin. Tall and lean in his human form, with a preference for fine clothes and good food, the crocodile God prefers cities to the countryside. He rarely goes anywhere without at least some jewelry. He plays at being a lawyer, but he’s most often a troubleshooter of some sort, and it rarely matters to him whether the trouble is solved with a briefcase of money or a sawed-off shotgun. As long as his clothes stay clean and he eats well, Sobek keeps just about any project moving along.
Sobek’s Scions are similarly inclined. They rarely make things themselves, preferring to act on others to get their pieces completed. They do not create plans of their own; rather they bring others’ plans to fruition. They tend to gravitate toward such jobs as truck driver, bicycle messenger, law clerk, middle manager, bureaucrat and muckraking journalist.
Associated Powers: Epic Stamina, Epic Strength, Animal (Crocodile), Fertility, Helm, Water
Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Larceny, Presence, Stealth
Rivals: Thoth, Artemis, Damballa, Hachiman, Miclantecuhtli, Odin

Thoth (A, A’an, Asten, Djehuty, Hab, Khenti, Mehi, Sheps)
Description: Few understand the power of words better than ibis-headed Thoth. Though he appreciates puns, jokes and riddles, Thoth never says anything other than exactly what he means. His words are precise the way a linguistics professor is precise, yet he speaks with a rapidity that is difficult to follow. Thoth is a keeper of secrets and a creator of languages to interpret those secrets. Magic is likewise his creation, as is record keeping. He can re-create in three dimensions any great event in the last 4,000 years, provided he can find his notes from the event.
A tall, pinched man in his mortal guises, with a head of black hair, Thoth has often appeared in academic professions in modern times. He’s also been a Las Vegas magician, a bookstore owner, a seller of curiosities, a novelist and an astronomer. Preferring to work his magic behind the scenes, he tends to disguise his greater tricks in layers of prestidigitation, as an onion hides layers inside layers. Few ever get to the bottom of his plans and intentions.
Thoth’s Scions are similarly subtle, with simple plans disguised behind complex facades. They show talent at being keepers of records and workers of wizardry. As storytellers, analyzers of language and its abuses, software designers and creators of systems, they are unmatched and unequalled. Most mortal computer security systems are open doors to the offspring of the ibis-God.
Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Animal (Baboon, Ibis), Helm, Justice, Magic, Moon
Abilities: Academics, Investigation, Integrity, Occult, Politics, Science
Rivals: Ptah, Set, Amaterasu, Athena, Erzulie, Hermes, Odin, Tlaloc, Vidar, Xipe Totec


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