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• Dream Window
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion is able to sense and peer into all dreams within 1 a given radius, based on the chart below. He can gaze upon all of them as if her were standing on a mountain overlooking the landscape.
Scion Rank Distance
Hero 1 block per Legend Rating]
Demigod 1 Mile per Legend Rating
God 1 City per Legend Rating

• • Lucid Dream
Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
Dreams are a theatre of the mind, and simultaneously a realm in their own right. With this Boon a Scion learns to walk this realm as a fully realized lucid being, rather than being at the whim of his subconscious. In short, he ceases to be a mere actor in his dream, but instead becomes director and scriptwriter as well. The Scion always knows when he is dreaming, and when he is awake. The Scion can induce a dream state in himself at anytime at the cost of 1 willpower point. At any time he can spend a Legend Point to instantly wake from his dream.
In addition, the control over dreams allows the scion to perform some mental tasks with all the benefits and limitations of the dream world. For example he could recreate a scene as best he could remember (which is very well with Perfect Memory & Epic Perception) and analyze what has occurred or details he may have missed the first time. He could not however bring evidence he noticed there to his friends, he'd have to return to the site and hope it remains. Furthermore, on this dreamscape the Scion can only conjurer his mind's versions of people and objects.

• • • Dream Walker
Prerequisite: Lucid Dream
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult
Cost: 1 Legend Point
With this level of dream mastery, the Scion learns to see the paths and doorways that lead out of his dream, into the aether, and across into the dreams of others. He can do this once each night per dot in legend rating, with a successful Intelligence + Occult roll, journeying to the dream of any living person whose name or location he knows. A Scion cannot enter the dreams of any being with a higher legend rating unless they are invited. The difficulty of the roll is equal to the target's Legend Rating plus one. The number of successes on the activation roll determines how long the Scion takes to travel from his own dream to someone else's. This is detailed in the chart below:
Threshold Successes Travel Time
1 Several Hours
2 An Hour
3 Several Minutes
4 A Few Seconds
5+ Instantaneously
If a Scion feels the travel time is too long he can turn back at any time, though this counts as one journey.

• • • • Slumber Cage
Prerequisite: Dream Walker
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy/ Manipulation + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend and 1 Willpower
This Power allows the Scion to lock another dreamer within his own dreams, thus preventing the other from controlling the dream or waking up. First the Scion must travel the Sleeping Worlds to located the target, then invade his dream. If the victim looses the contest of wills he is trapped in sleep for 1 hour per success of the Scion’s Manipulation + Empathy.
This power also allows you to close off your own dreams completely. These barriers allow the Scion to trap another dreamer within his own dream, thus preventing said victim from receiving any help. Or close off his own dreams for ultimate privacy or protection. Anyone that wishes to enter the demigod's dreams must first find his dreams, then battle through a barrier with a hardness and soak equal to the demigod's willpower+integrity+legend with 1 health level per success on a manipulation + presence roll, then confront him on his home turf. Anyone locked within your dreams with you, cannot be woken by any means short of other dream beings attempting a direct rescue mission. Anyone locked within the Scion’s own dream will awaken normally when the Scion does.

• • • • • Sandman
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 2 Legend + 1 Willpower +(1 Legend + 1 Willpower)
For 2 Legend and 1 Willpower, the Scion may force all those near them, so long as they are of lesser legend, to sleep. For an additional 1 Legend and 1 Willpower, they may induce a dream state in all affected. This additional cost may be waived if the subjects are willing.

• • • • • • Insomnia
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Command
Cost: 5 Legend
This power prevents the target from dreaming. For one day per success on the activation roll reduced by the target's successes on a willpower + integrity + legend roll, the target lacks the ability to sleep restfully, or even daydream.

• • • • • • • Dream Life
Dice Pool: None
Cost: Varies
The Scion in possession of this boon gains up to legend in extra health levels while in the dream world. If they must use these health levels, however, it lowers their legend points by an amount equal to (Legend used) squared used when they awake.

• • • • • • • • Slumber Party
Prerequisite: Dream Walker
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower + 3 Legend per companion
This Boon is an expansion of Lucid Dream (Dream • •) and Dream Walker (Dream • • •). With this Boon a Scion can bring along a number of people on their dream journey equal to their Legend Rating. Any creature being brought along must be a willing companion and must first be in a sleeping state. Each companion must be in the same room as the Scion using this Boon. The Scion using this Boon must declare he is awakening his companions (reflexive action) before spending 1 Willpower to wake himself up. If the Scion using this Boon does not awaken his companions before waking himself, the companions become lost and are subject to the Lost Dreamer rules.

• • • • • • • • • Eternal Slumber
Prerequisite: Sandman
Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: 1 willpower + 5 Legend
This Boon calls for a Charisma + Presence roll vs. the target’s Willpower + Integrity + Legend. Each success greater than the victim indicates 1 day in which the victim is stuck within a living dream or nightmare. The victim continues to age, and can die as well, but their mind will remain trapped within the dream or nightmare you give them. Once someone has been affected, only a Scion with an equal or greater Legend can counteract the effect before its duration is up. To do so, that Scion’s activation roll needs more successes than the roll of the one who first used this Boon.

• • • • • • • • • • Krueger’s Blades
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 2 Legend + 1 Willpower
The Scion causes her victim’s dreams to affect them like the real world would. If the victim is injured in their dream, the injury will be reflected upon their waking body.

Avatar of Dream (The Sleeper)
Cost: 1 Willpower + 30 Legend
The Sleeper is a vaguely humanoid being, whose features are in constant flux. The only feature which is constant is that the Sleeper’s eyes are never open. The Sleeper appears to drift through any space and all those who look upon the Sleeper fall comatose. When the Sleeper is angered, the nightmares of all nearby come to life. When the Sleeper is pleased, their greatest wishes come true, if only until the Sleeper departs.


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