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Legendary Deeds: A character’s Legend allows them to regularly perform amazing deeds that defy the laws of physics or probability. Once per story per dot the Scion has of Legend, the player may add a number of bonus successes equal to the character’s Legend rating to any action. (A Scion with Legend 4 could add four bonus successes to any four actions during the course of a single story.) The player must spend one Legend point to accesses these bonus successes.

Rerolling an Action: The player may spend one Legend point to reroll a failed action, even if the action resulted in a botch. This ability is most cost effective when used to reroll exceptionally difficult actions or stunts. Only one reroll may be attempted per failed action.

Defensive do-over: By spending one Legend point, the player of an attacked character may retroactively increase his character’s DV against a successful attack by an amount equal to his (Athletics ÷ 2). The player can do so only after the attacker’s player makes his attack roll.


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