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Here are a few relics pulled out of the book to give you an idea of levels.

• Talaria Talaria are the winged sandals of Greek classical legend. Talaria are classically depicted as being sandals fashioned from gold, but modern Scions might possess Talaria in the form of flip flops, Birkenstocks, high tops or even combat boots. Talaria are a favorite Birthright among the Gods of the Greek pantheon though they are most closely associated with fleet-footed Hermes or Iris, personal messenger to Hera. Talaria allow their Scion owners access to the Sky Purview and are most closely tied to the Boon known as Wind's Freedom.

• • Tarnhelm In the realm of Nidvallir, one of nine affixed to the World Tree Yggdrasil, live the dwarves of Norse legend. They have a reputation for master metalworking and are known to imbue some of their creations with strange magic. Among their most popular exports are the concealing helms each known as a hulidshjalmr, or more simply tarnhelm. Aside from being sturdy in combat, these pieces also grant their users invisibility. As such, they are a favored Birthright of those Norse Gods who value cunning as much as fighting prowess, for example Loki and Odin. A tarnhelm allows its wearers to access the Darkness Purview and is closely associated with the three-dot Boon Shadow Refuge. These helms also grant an additional level of soak (treat the tarnhelm as "biker gear" for the purposes of armor).

• • • Tonobogiri Tonobogiri translates to "Dragonfly Cutter," earning its name from a story in which a dragonfly landed on the blade and was cut in two. It is one of three spears created by the legendary smith Masamune. Tonobogiri is a weapon of such power that it has been used by daimyo and Scions alike down through the centuries. The spear also enjoys a +3 Damage bonus over the basic naginata template.

• • • • Govi In the practice of ritual Voodoo, anything from a clay pot to a soup tureen to a jar for preserves can function as a container for a departed spirit. Benevolent practitioners often use their govis to protect and invoke the spirits of dead ancestors, while less well-meaning ritualists might use one to imprison a soul of the recently deceased and use this power for their own ends. Govis grant their owners access to the Death and Prophecy Purviews, and carry a unique power. The difficulty rating for a Boon usage undertaken as part of a ritual decreases by one, to a minimum of 1, when a govie is used in the ceremony (regardless of whether the ritualist is the owner of the govi himself). With the four-dot version of the govi, the container can hold the spirit of the Scion's guide (assuming his player has allocated points to the Guide Birthright). The fourth dot allows the Scion to communicate with the spirit in the Jar.

• • • • • The Book of Thoth The scrolls that constitute The Book of Thoth are said to contain secrets recorded directly from the Egyptian God of magic and wisdom himself. Supposedly recovered from the tomb of Prince Neferkaptah in the City of the Dead, it is a collection of animal languages, formulae for spells and knowledge of the Earth and Sky. The book was re-purposed by the English mystic Aleister Crowley (likely a Scion of an obscure or even forgotten pantheon, or else the offspring of a Titan or titanspawn) into the Thoth Tarot deck. It is likely that a few versions of this relic exist in card form. While a Scion of the Egyptian pantheon possesses Thoth's book, she gains access to the Animal, Earth, Magic and Sky Purviews. In addition, the Book of Thoth carries a unique power to dissuade thieves who might be tempted to steal its wisdom. Aside from the book's Scion owner, anyone who reads the book will be subject to a particular punishment at the hands of the ancient deities of Egypt. Once per week, one of their loved ones will die until the book is returned. The deaths can take a variety of forms, from freak accidents to sudden illness to random violence. No game mechanics are associated with this unique power; its effects should be executed through roleplaying.


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