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Post  Admin on Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:55 pm

This Ability governs a character’s skill and experience in dealing with government bureaucracies, as well as her knowledge of how the political process works. She may have gained this Ability from years as a public servant or a member or a national political campaign, or she might be a journalist on the City Hall beat.

Characters use Politics when they want to run for office, to influence an election or to try to get things done through official channels without going through any red tape.

Trait Effects: A character with Politics 1 knows her way around City Hall and has a good idea of who to call when she needs something done. A character with Politics 3 is a seasoned political operative with connections in government offices and the knowledge of whose palms to grease to get things done in a hurry. A character with Politics 5 is a mover and shaker in national politics, with knowledge and connections at the highest levels of power.


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