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Investigation is the science of piecing together information from disparate sources to explain a mysterious event or expose the perpetrator of a crime. It is equal parts observation, research, interrogation and surveillance, gathering facts like puzzle pieces until that mystery is solved. This Ability typically comes as the result of training or on-the-job experience as an investigator, but some individuals with an insatiable curiosity and a knack for recognizing patterns can sometimes see things that seasoned investigators miss.

Characters use Investigation when piecing together clues at a crime scene, tracking down a missing person or looking into the financial records of a suspected cultist.

Trait Effects: A character with Investigation 1 is a rookie detective or an amateur sleuth. She knows basically what sort of clues to look for, and her theories are usually sound. A character with Investigation 3 is highly skilled at zeroing in on the relevant clues to solve a mystery or hunt down a fugitive based on the trail he left behind. A character with Investigation 5 is a master detective. There is no puzzle she can’t solve, no person she can’t find, no subterfuge she can’t penetrate given enough time and effort.


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